Removing the Animals in Your Space

Schedule wildlife removal services in Trenton or Canton, MI

If an animal finds its way into your home, call a wildlife removal pro. You can count on Elite Wildlife Prevention for wildlife removal services in Trenton or Canton, MI. We catch and relocate wildlife as humanely as possible and provide dead animal removal services when needed.

Contact us today if you have an animal in your crawl space. We charge $79.99 for estimates but use this cost to cover expenses for materials when sealing up entry points.

Can we handle your critter?

All sorts of small animals can get into crawlspaces, attics and other spaces in your home. Thankfully, we know how to take care of:

  • Bats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons

We'll remove the animal from your property as humanely as possible and relocate it a minimum of five miles away. Then, we'll inspect your property to find entry points and seal them up after removing any nesting materials and droppings. Lastly, we'll clean up and disinfect the space to get rid of pheromones and bacteria. Speak with an expert today about the animal in your space. We offer first responder, military and senior discounts.

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