Stop Animals From Getting Into Your Home

Count on us for wildlife prevention services in Trenton or Canton, MI

If wildlife keeps getting into your building, you'll want to take measures to keep these critters out. Elite Wildlife Prevention offers wildlife prevention services to keep critters out in Trenton or Canton, MI. We use effective prevention methods to stop wildlife from entering areas like crawlspaces, vents and more.

Contact us now for wildlife prevention services. Estimates are $79.99, but this expense will go toward the cost of materials for your work.

How will we keep wildlife out?

Want to know more about our process? To secure your property and stop animals from entering your home, we'll:

  • Do a full inspection of your property to locate possible entry points
  • Remove any present wildlife and clean up your property
  • Seal any entry points and disinfect the area

Disinfecting the space is essential for your health, and it will also kill pheromones that could attract wildlife in the future. We use high-quality materials when sealing entry points to make sure critters stay out. Reach out to us now for more information on our wildlife prevention services.

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